Vuong Appointed as VinFast’s New CEO Succeeding Le Thi Thu Thuy, Nguyen Lan Anh Takes CFO Role

Vuong Appointed as VinFast's New CEO Succeeding Le Thi Thu Thuy, Nguyen Lan Anh Takes CFO Role
Vuong Appointed as VinFast’s New CEO Succeeding Le Thi Thu Thuy, Nguyen Lan Anh Takes CFO Role

In a strategic move heralding a new chapter for its ambitious global expansion, VinFast, a rising star in the electric vehicle sector, has announced significant changes to its top executive lineup. The dynamic Vietnamese automaker has appointed Mr. Vuong, age 55, as the new Chief Executive Officer, stepping into the significant role previously held by the accomplished Le Thi Thu Thuy since late 2021.


Vuong brings unparalleled expertise and a visionary outlook to VinFast’s helm, the company expressed in a revealing statement. His leadership is set to propel the company into its next phase of innovation and global market penetration.


Thu Thuy has been a key figure in VinFast’s meteoric rise in the electric vehicle market, successfully driving the company’s strategic direction and international positioning. Under her stewardship, VinFast emerged from being a local contender to a global EV player, setting benchmarks and raising the bar in the industry. As Le Thi Thu Thuy passes the torch to her successor, Vuong, the industry watches with bated breath, anticipating the new CEO’s approach to steering the company into its next era of growth.


New CFO: Nguyen Lan Anh

In another crucial appointment, VinFast has committed the guiding of its financial strategies to the capable hands of Nguyen Lan Anh, who steps in as the new Chief Financial Officer. Anh’s expertise is expected to strengthen VinFast’s financial foundation as the company navigates the complexities of the global market and the competitive landscape of electric vehicle manufacturing.


VinFast is poised for phenomenal growth and Nguyen Lan Anh is the right financial steward to oversee our ambitious financial strategies, the statement from VinFast emphasized. Her appointment underscores VinFast’s dedication to excellence and strategic financial management, which are crucial for the company as it continues to challenge established players in the global EV arena.


With the double announcement of these high-profile executive shifts, VinFast is not only signaling a robust internal leadership structure but also reinforcing its commitment to becoming a dominant player in the international electric vehicle industry. Analysts expect that with the profound experience of both Vuong as CEO and Nguyen Lan Anh as CFO, VinFast will drive forward with renewed vigor, ready to meet the evolving demands of consumers and to contribute to a more sustainable automotive future.


It remains to be seen how these strategic changes will fully unfold, but with these new appointments, VinFast is unequivocally demonstrating its readiness to accelerate its journey onto the global stage.


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