TSMC Chairman, Mark Liu, Upholds Taiwan as the Fortress for Top Tech Amidst Rising China Threats and US Concerns


In a recent interview, Mark Liu, the chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), reiterated the company’s commitment to keeping its top technology operations in Taiwan. Despite mounting threats from China and concerns raised by the United States, Liu emphasized the strategic importance of Taiwan as a fortress for TSMC’s cutting-edge technology.


TSMC’s Commitment to Taiwan

Liu, renowned for his leadership and expertise in the semiconductor industry, provided deep insights into the rationale behind TSMC’s decision to continue operating from Taiwan. He stressed that Taiwan offers a comprehensive ecosystem that encompasses advanced research facilities, a skilled workforce, and a supportive government. These factors have been instrumental in shaping TSMC’s success over the years and have solidified Taiwan as an irreplaceable stronghold for the company’s top-notch technology.


China’s Growing Threats

With China’s aggressive push to advance its semiconductor industry and reduce its reliance on foreign chip manufacturers, concerns have arisen about potential attempts to lure TSMC away from Taiwan. However, Mark Liu dismisses such possibilities, affirming that TSMC recognizes the geopolitical stability and the robust intellectual property protection offered by Taiwan. These fundamental elements are vital for TSMC to protect its technological capabilities and safeguard the interests of its clients worldwide.


US Concerns

The interview also addressed the concerns raised by the United States about the vulnerability of the global semiconductor supply chain and the potential risks posed by a strong Chinese semiconductor industry. As tensions between the US and China persist, the US fears that an overreliance on Chinese-made chips could threaten its national security interests. In this context, TSMC’s commitment to maintaining its Taiwan base provides reassurance to its US customers and regulators.


TSMC’s Global Impact

TSMC’s decision to stand firm on Taiwan as its technology hub has numerous implications beyond the company’s own interests. As the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturer, TSMC plays a crucial role in powering the global tech industry. The company’s cutting-edge chips are used in an array of electronic devices, including smartphones, computers, and AI applications. Continuity and stability in TSMC’s operations are vital for the sustainability and growth of the global tech ecosystem.



TSMC chairman Mark Liu’s resolute endorsement of Taiwan as the fortress for TSMC’s top tech underscores the strategic importance of the island nation amidst rising geopolitical tensions. With China’s increasing pursuit of semiconductor dominance and the United States’ concerns about national security, TSMC’s decision to maintain its Taiwan operations sends a strong message of stability, commitment, and unwavering dedication to the company’s global partners and customers. Taiwan’s nurturing environment for technological advancements, combined with TSMC’s expertise, positions the country as an indispensable player in the ever-evolving semiconductor era.


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