Building Resilience: Overcoming Loss and Lowering Military Dependence

In times of loss and adversity, it is our collective responsibility to find meaningful ways to support and uplift those affected. The military is an institution that knows all too well the hardships brought on by loss and the resulting lower levels of well-being. In this blog post, we will explore initiatives that can help mitigate the effects of loss, lower military dependence, and build resilience within the military community.


1. Recognizing the Importance of Letting Grief Be:

Loss is a deeply personal experience that affects individuals differently. Initiatives aimed at supporting those who have suffered a loss should emphasize the importance of allowing grief to be. Giving people the space and time to process their emotions and heal can enable them to work through their pain, ultimately leading to a stronger sense of resilience.


2. Strengthening Support Networks:

Enhancing support networks within the military community is crucial to overcoming loss and building resilience. By creating platforms where military personnel and their families can connect, share experiences, and find solace in knowing they are not alone, we can foster a sense of belonging and emotional support. Initiatives such as support groups, counseling, and peer mentoring programs can go a long way in creating these networks.


3. Investing in Mental Health Programs:

Loss can have a significant impact on a person’s mental health, and it is essential to invest in initiatives tailored towards addressing these challenges. Providing accessible mental health resources and counseling services to military members and their families can aid in their ability to cope with loss and decrease their dependence on external sources of support.


4. Building Resilience Through Training and Education:

Efforts to build resilience within the military community should also include comprehensive training programs and educational initiatives. These programs can equip service members with the tools needed to navigate loss, manage stress, and develop coping mechanisms. By empowering individuals to possess the necessary skills to face adversity head-on, ultimately, their dependence on external assistance can be lowered.


5. Striking a Balance: Recognizing Strength and Vulnerability:

Authentic resilience is about acknowledging both strength and vulnerability. It is important to create initiatives that encourage individuals to embrace their emotions and communicate their needs when faced with loss. By fostering an environment that supports open dialogue and provides avenues for seeking help, we can help military personnel and their families build the resilience required to navigate loss successfully.



Loss is an inevitable part of life, especially in military communities where sacrifices are made every day. However, through targeted initiatives, we can help individuals and the military community as a whole possess the resilience needed to overcome the challenges that loss can bring. By implementing programs that recognize the importance of grief, strengthen support networks, invest in mental health, provide comprehensive training, and strike a balance between strength and vulnerability, we can make a substantial difference in lowering military dependence and supporting those experiencing loss. Together, let us build resilience and create a stronger future for our military community.


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