Top Canadian Healthcare Stocks: Investing in the Future of Healthcare in 2021

In a constantly evolving market, wise investors know that identifying sectors with strong growth potential is the key to successful investing. One such sector that has proven resilience and long-term profitability is the Canadian healthcare industry. Amidst the ongoing pandemic and aging population, healthcare companies have emerged as attractive investment options. In this blog post, we will present a list of top Canadian healthcare stocks that have the potential to deliver impressive returns and make a positive impact on the healthcare landscape.


1. RBC Global Healthcare Mutual Fund

Starting our list off with a comprehensive and widely recognized option, the RBC Global Healthcare Mutual Fund focuses on investing in healthcare companies worldwide. With a strong track record of attractive returns, RBC Capital Markets is a trusted and reputable entity in the investment sector. This mutual fund provides investors with a diversified portfolio of both Canadian and international healthcare stocks.


2. Canopy Growth Corporation

Canopy Growth is a leading Canadian cannabis company specializing in medical marijuana. With the recent legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada and the increasing adoption of cannabis as a therapeutic option, Canopy Growth stands out as a significant player. The company has established itself as a market leader and has a robust pipeline of innovative products that position it well for future growth.


3. Viemed Healthcare

Focused on providing in-home care for patients with respiratory diseases, Viemed Healthcare has achieved remarkable growth in recent years. The company’s unique business model caters to an underserved population and has shown impressive revenue growth. Viemed’s strong market position and dedicated team make it an attractive investment opportunity in the Canadian healthcare sector.


4. Telus Health

Leveraging the power of technology, Telus Health is transforming the healthcare landscape in Canada. As a leading provider of digital health solutions, the company offers innovative products and services that enable doctors, patients, and healthcare professionals to connect seamlessly. With an increasing demand for telehealth and digital healthcare services, Telus Health is well-positioned to capitalize on this growing trend.


5. Trillium Therapeutics

With a focus on innovative cancer therapies, Trillium Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that has captured the attention of investors. The company’s strong pipeline of potential breakthrough treatments and partnerships with renowned institutions make it an intriguing investment option. As advancements in cancer treatments continue to accelerate, Trillium Therapeutics is poised to make a significant impact in the healthcare sector.


Investing in Canadian healthcare stocks can be a smart move for both short-term gains and long-term wealth creation. As healthcare remains a fundamental necessity, the sector presents a stable investment opportunity that aligns with a greater societal purpose. However, it’s important to conduct thorough research and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions. The companies listed above represent a range of investment options within the Canadian healthcare sector, each with its unique value proposition and growth potential. By carefully considering these opportunities, investors can find stocks that align with their conviction, risk appetite, and long-term investment goals.


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