ECA International’s Ranking Reveals Japan as Second Most Expensive Location to Send Expatriates, with the U.K. Taking the Top Spot


Globally, Japan has been ranked as the second most expensive location to send expatriates, according to the latest survey conducted by ECA International. Surprisingly, it is the United Kingdom that clinched the top spot amidst fierce competition. The rankings highlight the growing challenges faced by companies as they navigate the costs associated with foreign assignments.



ECA International, a leading provider of data and solutions for the management and assignment of employees worldwide, released its annual ranking of the most expensive locations for sending expatriates. This report serves as a valuable resource for multinational companies, helping them to plan and budget effectively for international assignments.


Japan, known for its vibrant culture, advanced technology, and high standard of living, came in as the second most expensive destination for expatriates. While it may not come as a surprise to many, the ranking underscores the financial factors that companies must consider when sending their employees abroad. The cost of accommodation, transport, and basic commodities all contribute to the overall expenses faced by expatriates in Japan.


However, snatching the top spot on the list is the United Kingdom, well known for its bustling cities and thriving business environment. The country has long been associated with high living costs, particularly in cities like London and Oxford. Expats in the U.K. often find themselves grappling with inflated housing prices, steep transportation costs, and a relatively high cost of living overall. Despite uncertainties surrounding Brexit, the U.K. has managed to maintain its position as the most expensive location for expatriates.


The survey also unveiled other noteworthy locations, with Switzerland securing the third place globally. Known for its strong economy and high-quality infrastructure, Switzerland has consistently proven to be a top contender when it comes to expatriate living costs. Other countries in the top ten list include Denmark, Sweden, China, Norway, Hong Kong, Angola, and Australia, each offering its own unique set of challenges and attractions for expatriates.


Every year, ECA International ranks various countries based on a survey of liveability expenses. The ranking captures the costs associated with housing, utilities, transportation, groceries, and other day-to-day expenses. By providing an accurate assessment of the cost of living in different destinations, the survey enables companies to determine the appropriate compensation packages to offer their expatriate employees.



ECA International’s recent ranking sheds light on the realities faced by companies when sending employees abroad. While Japan secured the second spot as the most expensive location for expatriates, it is the United Kingdom that claims the top spot – a testament to the higher living costs in the country. The survey serves as a valuable resource for organizations, helping them to make informed decisions when it comes to planning budgets for international assignments.


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