Niger Coup Leaders Close Airspace as ECOWAS Ultimatum Expires


Niger’s coup leaders have taken a significant step by closing the country’s airspace, following the expiration of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) ultimatum on Sunday night. Amid mounting pressure from regional stakeholders, the closure adds to the growing concerns about the future of constitutional order in the West African state.


Closing Airspace:

In a dramatic move, Niger’s coup leaders made the decision to close the country’s airspace on Monday. This development comes as ECOWAS demanded that constitutional order be restored promptly, having set the expiration deadline for Sunday night. The closure of airspace adds to the mounting pressure being faced by the coup leaders.


Regional Ultimatum:

ECOWAS, a major regional organization comprising 15 West African states, initially demanded that Niger’s coup leaders restore constitutional order swiftly following the military intervention that took place on February 17th. The regional body warned of dire consequences if the ultimatum was not heeded, including the imposition of economic sanctions.


Constitutional Order at Risk:

With the expiration of the ECOWAS ultimatum, concerns are mounting about the future of constitutional order in Niger. The military takeover was sparked by the ousting of President Mahamadou Issoufou, who had completed two terms in office and was succeeded by Mohamed Bazoum through a democratic electoral process. However, the coup leaders have expressed suspicions of electoral fraud, leading to their intervention.


ECOWAS Intervention:

ECOWAS has been actively engaged in resolving the political crisis in Niger, urging for a peaceful resolution and adherence to constitutional processes. The regional body has repeatedly emphasized the importance of respecting democratic values and the will of the people of Niger. However, the coup leaders seem determined to hold onto their grip on power, leading to a stalemate and deepening the political uncertainty in the country.


International Concerns:

Beyond the immediate region, the international community has expressed concern over the latest developments in Niger. Leaders from various countries and organizations have called for a peaceful resolution of the crisis and the restoration of constitutional order. Diplomatic efforts are underway to find a pathway towards stability in Niger, ensuring that democracy and the rule of law are upheld.



With Niger’s coup leaders closing the country’s airspace, tension and uncertainty continue to escalate following the expiry of the ECOWAS ultimatum. The fate of constitutional order in the West African state hangs in the balance as regional and international stakeholders intensify efforts to find a peaceful resolution to the crisis. The coming days will prove critical in determining the future trajectory of Niger and its adherence to democratic principles.


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