From Dunkin’ to Sephora: Companies Pushing for Higher Margins, Pulling Back on Freebies and Perks


In an effort to boost profitability, companies across various industries, from Dunkin’ to Sephora, are reevaluating their strategies and cutting back on freebies and perks traditionally offered to consumers. This shift reflects a growing trend among businesses to prioritize higher margins and focus on driving profitability in a highly competitive landscape. From popular coffee chains to airline companies and beauty retailers, the pursuit of higher margins has become a top priority.

Dunkin’: A Tasty Transformation:

Well-known for its delicious donuts and convenient coffee offerings, Dunkin’ is one of the many companies realizing the need to prioritize profitability. Recently, the chain announced changes to its rewards program, reducing some of the perks previously enjoyed by loyal customers. This move aims to align Dunkin’ with its objective of pursuing higher margins, enabling investment in product innovation and store enhancements.


Delta Air Lines: Streamlining in the Skies:

Not limited to the food and beverage industry, companies such as Delta Air Lines are also jumping on board the margin-centric strategy. The airline giant has adjusted its loyalty program, leading to a reduction in mileage requirements for certain reward flights. While this change may disappoint some frequent flyers, it allows Delta to control costs and optimize revenue opportunities, ultimately bolstering its financial performance.


Netflix: A Pivot to Sustainable Growth:

Even beloved streaming giant Netflix is not immune to the shift towards higher margins. Despite offering quality content and a wide array of entertainment options, the company recently announced a price increase for its subscription plans. This adjustment ensures a healthier bottom line, enabling Netflix to invest in original programming and maintain its dominance in a rapidly evolving media landscape.


Sephora: Nurturing Beauty with Profitability:

In the world of high-end cosmetics and skincare, renowned beauty retailer Sephora is also pursuing a margin-focused strategy. While Sephora’s Beauty Insider program still offers valuable rewards for loyal customers, recent changes include tightening eligibility requirements for certain perks. By reallocating resources towards margin-enhancing initiatives, such as personalized beauty consultations and exclusive product offerings, Sephora aims to achieve sustainable growth and retain its position as a top beauty destination.



From Dunkin’ to Sephora, companies across various industries are reevaluating their approach to customer perks and freebies in favor of higher margins. This strategic shift is driven by the need to achieve sustainable profitability, allowing businesses to invest in innovation, enhance the customer experience, and ultimately remain competitive in evolving markets. While these changes may disappoint some customers initially, they are essential for companies to navigate challenges, adapt to changing consumer preferences, and continue delivering exceptional products and services.


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